Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miso Soup with Tofu, Chicken &Udon

Somehow or another i seem to be getting blamed for my family's burgeoning waistlines and creeping cholesterol levels. Could they be referring to my deep fried rolls of pork, cheese and ham?? Or is it that cake made from cream, condensed milk and evaporated milk they are so disgruntled with? Either way there's no denying that we've been putting on a little bit in the winter months. And so, i turned to the cuisine many of us turn to when looking for something low in fat but high in yum- Japanese.

This is a cheats version of Miso soup where i just use the instant sachets, though true miso soup using miso paste is hardly much more complex. Feel free to change around anything you put in the dish, it's really a free for all. Prawns, pork, beans, sprouts. It's all destined for the pot.

Ingredients (Serves 3 as a main)

  • Enough instant miso paste to make 1L of soup.
  • 250gm chicken breast fillet
  • 1 packet tofu
  • 400gm fresh udon noodles
  • 3 bok choy
  • Soy sauce 
  • Scallions to garnish


Heat a pot with steamer fitting until water is boiling.
Place the chicken in the steamer and steam for approximately 20 minutes or until cooked through.

Slice the scallions diagonally. 

Let cool enough to handle then shred chicken coarsely. Set aside.
Place the miso paste equally in the bottom of the 3 serving bowls.
Chop the tofu into 1cm cubes. 
Quarter the boy choy and place in the steamer fitting. Cover and steam for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, bring a full kettle to the boil.
Pour boiling water over the udon noodles and let cook for 5 minutes, breaking apart with a spoon.

Bring the kettle back to the boil with 1L of water.
Pour the 1L evenly amongst the 3 bowls and stir the miso paste through the water.

Distribute the drained noodles amongst each bowl.
Distribute the bok choy, shredded chicken and tofu amongst the 3 bowls evenly.

Top with scallions and season with soy sauce to taste.

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